IRIS is a global leader in delivering electronic disclosure platforms built around data standards. With all taxonomy-based domain and technology expertise available under one roof, IRIS has emerged as the preferred choice for regulators around the world, including stock exchanges, business registries, banks, and capital market regulators. From technologically advanced countries such as Singapore to developing countries including Nepal, our solution has been favored by various agencies across the world for its ease of use and accuracy.

Capital Markets


Business Registry


Central Banks


Data collection for Capital Markets


  • Financial Results
  • Corporate Actions
  • Share Holding pattern
  • Non-financial disclosure
  • Listing compliance reporting
  • Annual reports
  • Corporate Governance
  • Mutual Fund disclosures
  • Brokers capital adequacy
  • Ability to get and distribute data from multiple exchanges

iFILE implementations for Capital Markets across the world

Bombay Stock Exchange, National Stock Exchange, Kuwait Stock Exchange, Qatar Stock Exchange, Tadawul Stock Exchange, Dubai Financial Markets, Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange

Data collection for Business Registry


  • Financial Statements filings
  • Related party transactions
  • Annual returns of licensed entities
  • Business registry dashboards
  • Caters to a Massive User base

iFILE implementations for Capital Markets across the world

Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia, Corporate and Business Registration Department(Mauritius), Ministry of Commerce and Investment(Qatar), Ministry of Commerce and Investment(Saudi Arabia), Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority(Singapore), Companies and Intellectual Property Commission(South Africa), Department of Business Development(Thailand)

Data collection for Central Banks


  • Prudential filings
  • Caters to very large tabular datasets 
  • Streamlines complete Data Dictionary of Banks
  • Prudential data based on BASEL, SOLVENCY, Capital adequacy, SLR, CRR, etc.
  • Financial data on the entity, group investments, and financial instruments.
  • Statistical data on internet banking, complaints, sector-wise credits 
  • Onsite supervision module.
  • Sector-wise loan and foreign exchange report
  • Data on credit risk, market risk, and capital adequacy.
  • Financial data on the balance sheet, operations, and fund management.

iFILE implementations for Central Banks across the world

Reserve Bank of India, Central Bank of Jordan, Bank of Mauritius, Nepal Rashtra Bank, Qatar Financial Centre Regulatory Authority


Value based offering

Information standardization and regulatory compliance

iFILE is built around information standards driven by validations that render data interoperable. This assures data integrity and ensures expeditious and appropriate filings for businesses and regulators alike.

Built-in configurable intranet set of modules

The iFILE portal offers configurable user management, filing management, entity management and business rules management modules for ease of data filings and which will allow easy configuration of the system as per their requirements.

Scalability to cater to future increased needs

The iFILE architecture allows vertical and horizontal scaling. This architecture ensures scalability for all stakeholders even during the peak reporting periods. iFILE can easily stitched into any external system seamlessly. It works on an open platform, without the need for additional hardware or software support.

Reports Engine

The reports engine generates the most basic to extremely complicated reports, such as MIS, trend analysis, comparative reports, and ratio calculation. This offers a granular and collective view of performance of regulated entities.

Data security and Integrity

iFILE can facilitate sharing non-confidential data in an open format for dissemination, and keeping confidentiality and personally identifiable information inaccessible to unauthorized users.

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