RMA Bhutan selects iFILE as their
preferred solution for XBRL
CMA Oman goes live with
XBRL filing platform
powered by IRIS iFILE
SSM, Malaysia contracts with
IRIS iFILE to upgrade existing
XBRL-based MBRS system

What We Do

IRIS iFILE is an end-to-end electronic filing platform used by over 20 regulators. It can be used to collect any kind of data that a regulator wants to collect from the entities it regulates. Built with XBRL as the underlying information standard, it also supports the SDMX standard. IRIS iFILE allows seamless system to system filing as well as supports screen-based data entry (for the less advanced entities). IRIS iFILE is available on flexible pricing and subscription models. It can be branded with your guidelines/logo. Schedule a demo or read some of the case studies to understand how regulators are using IRIS iFILE.
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IRIS iFILE consists of a portal solution, which binds several modules together using a flexible component design architecture. We can configure it based on your requirement or install it out of the box.

It is available on Microsoft and Java Stack.

Data Conceptualization (NOAH)

Model all the reporting elements and validation rules in a collaborative manner.

XBRL/SDMX Processor (BushChat)

Certified validation engine to validate all the filings at source.

eFiling Platform (IRIS iFILE)

Portal Solution to allow regulated entities to create, lodge and track all their filings.


Integrate with any COTS BI solution for advanced analytics


Configurable, full service information standard driven software

IRIS iFILE transforms your current physical or document driven process to a digital process. This covers several business processes including data modelling, input form generation, validations and compliance data driven analytics.

Validated Structured Data

IRIS iFILE provides automated business rules validation for over 2000 rules per data point.

Information Standard

IRIS uses open source Information standards and supports XBRL & SDMX Filings

GUI Based Configurator

Flexible and configurable workflow; regulators can set the workflow using a GUI based on the business processes.

Multi Language Support

IRIS iFILE supports multiple langauages for data collection, processing and display

Business Intelligence

We can provide out of the box Analytical Engine or integrate with clients existing applications

Mature Product

Upto 1 GB Data/filings are easily handled and processed successfully by IRIS iFILE.

Deep Market Expertise

Since 2008 with strong domain knowledge across various regulatory bodies

Authoring tools

IRIS iFILE solutions consists of MS Excel and browser based authoring tools for filers

User Dashboard

Provides logs of activities, rendering of filings, ratio reports, MIS reports and basic statistical reports

Esteemed customers

14 Years of Experience in Consulting

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IRIS is a global provider of software products around Regulatory Technology and analytics in over 50 countries. The firm is a champion of the XBRL data standard and a pioneer in the XBRL solutions and services space.

IRIS is a member of XBRL International, XBRL Europe, XBRL US and XBRL South Africa. In each of these jurisdictions, IRIS contributes significantly for the development and adoption of the standard. IRIS is headquartered in Mumbai, India and has subsidiaries in Italy, USA, Singapore and an affiliate firm in the UAE and a network of implementation partners across the globe.



of experience with strong domain knowledge across various regulatory bodies