As central banks, government bodies, capital markets and regulators all move to the XRBL reporting as a preferred mode of filing; it is time for business and compliance heads to embrace this new way of reporting. To ensure a smooth transition on this complex journey, check out what IRIS NOAH offers.

IRIS NOAH is a one-stop solution for creating, validating, testing, extending, maintaining, viewing, and reviewing XBRL taxonomies. It is a state-of-the-art application dedicated to business users, taxonomy architects and XBRL professionals across the globe to develop and maintain taxonomies.

Along with providing the functional tool kit for creating XBRL taxonomies, IRIS NOAH offers several features to facilitate the development of XBRL taxonomies intuitively and efficiently. IRIS NOAH comes integrated with IRIS Bushchat, our in-house validator for error-free filing support.

Products Features

Scalable and customizable

Can be offered as a SaaS model that is hosted on IRIS Servers or deployed on-premise on client servers.

User dashboard

Offers User management and Taxonomy management rights for users across levels

User management

Choose from the pre-defined roles and rights or create a custom set of users on the platform

Tabular relationship view

Provides a tabular representation of hierarchical data showing dimensional relationships.

Multi-tenant architecture

Built on a multi-tenant architecture to view different taxonomy projects across agencies or departmental users.

Taxonomy generation and validation

Updated taxonomy can be generated, downloaded, and validated with ease.

Multiple versions management

Maintain multiple taxonomy versions on the platform.

Collaborative & Web-based

Allows multiple users to work and develop taxonomies simultaneously.

Hierarchical view for elements

Helps users browse the concepts in hierarchical manner on then platform

Taxonomy maintenance functions

New taxonomy can be created or an existing taxonomy can be uploaded for view/edit purposes

Import & Export from/to Spreadsheet

Import taxonomy content in custom spreadsheets, while syntax-oriented development will be managed by IRIS NOAH processing engines.

Base taxonomies

Import base taxonomies (eg. IFRS Taxonomy) and allows them to be used several times by multiple users collaboratively.


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